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CanComCo is proud to offer Roger’s Advantage WiFi Connection, a service designed to optimize your business connectivity with top-tier performance and security.

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Advantage Wi-Fi: Empowering Your Success

Benefit from high-speed WiFi that ensures swift data transfer and seamless online activities. Choose scalable business WiFi plans that match your specific requirements, providing flexibility for growth. Our tailored WiFi internet plans prioritize speed, reliability, and unlimited data, ensuring uninterrupted business operations. Experience the advantage of advanced security measures that create a protected online environment for your business data. Seamlessly integrate WiFi and phone services with our WiFi and phone bundles, offering a comprehensive communication solution.

Bundled Offers for New Customers

*for New Roger Customers

Wi-Fi 75MB

$ 75 Month
  • Unlimited Data
  • Free Static IP
  • Free Dynamic IP
  • Free Installation
  • Customization

Wi-Fi 300MB

$ 95 Month
  • Unlimited Data
  • Free Static IP
  • Free Dynamic IP
  • Free Installation
  • Customization

Wi-Fi 1G

$ 120 Month
  • Unlimited Data
  • Free Static IP
  • Free Dynamic IP
  • First 6 Months Data
  • Customization

Wi-Fi 2G

$ 190 Month
  • Unlimited Data
  • Free Static IP
  • Free Dynamic IP
  • First 6 months Free
  • Customization

Why Should Your Business opt for Advantage Wi-Fi?"

  • Split a single connection into multiple networks.
  • Set separate passwords for enhanced security.
  • Ideal for businesses, restaurants, hotels, and SMBs.
  • Block specific sites to ensure a safe and productive online environment.
  • Take control of your network’s content access.
  • Tailor your network with multiple features to meet your specific business requirements.
  • Enjoy flexibility and control over your internet usage.
  • Access multiple points for extended coverage.
  • Ensure that every corner of your business space is covered with a strong and reliable connection.
  • Advantage WiFi grows with your business.
  • Easily scale your network to accommodate the changing needs of your organization.
  • Experience lightning-fast internet with speeds of up to 2G.
  • Enjoy a fast and reliable connection for all your business operations.

Why Choose Advantage WiFi from us?

As a trusted reseller and authorized partner, we foster strong alliances to bring cutting-edge features to your business. Advantage WiFi provides a tailored network experience that aligns with your unique needs.

Benefit from a dedicated business WiFi service that understands and caters to the unique demands of your enterprise. Enjoy unrestricted data with our WiFi plans, letting your business thrive without limitations. Our dedicated support team ensures a smooth experience, addressing queries and customizing your network.

Count on CanComCo for a comprehensive WiFi solution that exceeds expectations.

Upgrade your business connectivity with Advantage WiFi from CanComCo. Experience the freedom to customize, the security you need, and the speed you deserve. Contact us today to elevate your internet experience.


CanComCo values a balanced approach, aiming to deliver both cost savings and high-quality service. Our goal is to find solutions that optimize your budget while meeting or exceeding your service expectations.

Advantage WiFi goes beyond conventional internet solutions by offering customizable networks, enhanced security features, and scalable options for businesses of all sizes.

Tailoring Advantage WiFi is easy; you can split connections, set unique passwords, block specific sites, and add multiple access points to optimize coverage—all designed to adapt to your specific requirements.

CanComCo boasts a dedicated support team ready to assist with any inquiries or issues. Our commitment is to deliver reliable and responsive customer service to ensure a smooth experience.

Advantage WiFi offers high-speed connectivity with speeds of up to 2G, ensuring a fast and reliable internet connection for all your business operations.

Absolutely. Advantage WiFi is scalable and versatile, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes, including restaurants, hotels, and SMBs, ensuring a seamless and secure internet experience.

CanComCo is dedicated to finding the best provider tailored to your needs, ensuring a balance between cost savings and top-quality service. Our expertise lies in identifying the most suitable solutions for your business.

CanComCo leverages its partnerships with leading providers to secure cost-effective solutions for your business. We negotiate on your behalf, striving to obtain the best rates without compromising service quality.

Our commitment extends beyond finding the right provider. CanComCo takes the hassle out of managing services by overseeing the entire process for you, ensuring a seamless experience from selection to implementation.

CanComCo’s streamlined approach involves assessing your needs, identifying the optimal provider, negotiating terms, and overseeing implementation. Our end-to-end service management ensures a hassle-free experience for our clients.