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Advantage Voice

Explore Advantage Voice – a comprehensive phone plan offering managed Cisco handsets and a range of services, including basic and analogue lines, receptionist and conference phones, and features like Auto Attendant. Our no-extra-cost approach, constant upgrades, and unlimited long-distance calls make it an ideal choice for businesses.

Managed Handsets

Equipped with the latest Cisco phones.

Dedicated Support

We fix any issues promptly.

Flexible Services

From basic lines to conference phones.

Our Telecom Partners

Resellers of All Telecom Providers in Canada

Partnering with top providers, CanComCo ensures a seamless fibre internet experience for your business. Trust us to connect you with the best in the industry.

Why Advantage Voice is Ideal for Business

Why Advantage Voice is Ideal for Business

Advantage Voice stands out as the pinnacle of business communication solutions, offering a seamless experience with managed Cisco handsets. Covering basic to advanced features, it serves as the comprehensive answer for businesses. With CanComCo's commitment to swift issue resolution, ongoing upgrades, and unwavering support, your telecom needs aren't just met—they're surpassed, ensuring an optimal communication ecosystem for your business to thrive.

Engage with Advantage Voice

Optimized Communication, Endless Possibilities

Unlock a world of advantages with Advantage Voice. Experience seamless communication, streamlined call handling with Auto Attendant, and the flexibility of advanced add-ons. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Advantage Voice ensures tailored solutions for your unique needs. Elevate your communication experience to new heights with the perfect fit for businesses—Advantage Voice by CanComCo.

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Advantage Voice Plus

$ 29.95 /month
  • Secure cost up to 5 years
  • Managed Handset
  • Basic SV ideal for common areas
  • Cisco 8851 or Cisco 6823
  • Unlimited Long distance & US mins

Advantage Voice Conference

$ 29.95 /month
  • Secure cost up to 5 years
  • Managed Handset
  • Basic SV with conference units
  • Cisco 7832 IP
  • Unlimited Long distance & US mins

Advantage Voice Remote

$ 26.95 /month
  • Secure cost up to 5 years
  • Perfect for 100% remote workers
  • Formerly SV Mobile App or Mobile Collab
  • 2 Connected Devices
  • Unlimited Long distance & US mins


$ 49.95 /month
  • Secure cost up to 5 years
  • Receptionist Portal
  • Cisco 8865 + Sidecar
  • Receptionist Console
  • Unlimited Long distance & US mins

FAQs :Why Choose Advantage Voice?

Managed Cisco handsets ensure the latest technology for seamless communication.

Auto Attendant streamlines call routing, enhancing efficiency and professionalism.

Absolutely, we offer flexibility to match your unique business requirements.

We automatically upgrade your system, eliminating concerns about hardware.

Yes, our plan includes services like receptionist phones for remote workers.

Perks of Advantage Voice


Streamlined communication for enhanced productivity.


Customize your plan to meet your specific business needs.

Seamless Connectivity

Advantage Voice ensures uninterrupted and reliable connections.

Tailored Solutions for Enterprises and SMBs

Optimized Communication for Every Business

Experience a communication revolution with Advantage Voice from CanComCo. Our tailored solutions cater to the unique needs of both large enterprises and small businesses, ensuring a seamless and efficient communication experience. Elevate your business operations with features like Auto Attendant, advanced add-ons, and managed Cisco handsets. Discover the Advantage Voice difference today, transforming the way businesses of all sizes connect and thrive.

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Empower your business with the ideal Advantage Voice plan tailored by CanComCo. Inquire now to experience optimized communication, featuring the latest Cisco handsets and advanced features designed to enhance your business operations. Connect with us for a seamless telecom solution.